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Earned wage access

How does GetPaid work?

WageSage calculates your wages as you work so you can withdraw your pay on demand, regardless if you’re a full time, part time or contract worker.

How do I withdraw my wage early?

If your employer has signed up with us, you can utilise our service with 4 simple steps: 1) Register via our email invite to you 2) Log into your account 3) Check what is your available funds 4) Enter your desired withdrawal amount and confirm the transaction Is your employer not signed up with us? Hook us up here!

How much does it cost to withdraw my wage early?

WageSage charges a simple 3% transaction fee per transaction. As this is merely a transaciton fee, there is no accrured interest, late or hidden fees. This fee will be deducted only when a fund withdrawal has been requested by you and will be deducted prior to disbursement to you. *Some variations may apply to arrangements between WageSage and certain employers

Is this a loan?

No! We only give you quick access to the wage you have already earned in your current payroll cycle. it is your pay and WageSage enables you to get access to that immediately, so no more waiting for payday. Since it is not a loan, there is no interest charge, accrued interest, late fees or hidden charges.

How will my wage be affected?

You will be paid your salary as per normal, minus any wages that you have withdrawn within that pay cycle.

What if I want to withdraw my wages more than once a month?

You may withdraw as many times as you wish. Each transaction will be charged the same 3% transaction fee

How secure is my data?

WageSage uses encryption to secure all data that we keep. This is done to ensure privacy and security for users of our application. We support, by default, secure hyper transport protocols (HTTPS), utilization of user authentication to control visibility of data as well as access control mechanisms to selectively grant access. Where sensitive data is concerned, display of information are masked to protect the identity of our users.

Why am I unable to sign up?

If you are unable to sign up, kindly check the following 1) Have all the required details been filled up? 2) Is your email address provided filled up correctly? 3) Is your employer a partner of WageSage? Still unable to sign up? No problem. Send us an email here

How do I opt out of GetPaid?

As WageSage is a pay-as-you-use service, you do not have to pay any fees if you do not use the service. As such there is no need to opt out of WageSage. If you still would like to remove yourself from WageSage, do contact us at

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Why are my available funds lower than expected?

WageSage receives your wage information from your employer. There could be instances when your shift has not been captured in our system yet. Do not worry! We aim to be as real time as possible and your shift will be updated once we receive confirmation from your employer. If you have a query on this, do drop us an email here

When can I start withdrawing my wage?

If you are salaried employee, you can start withdrawing your wages anytime after the first day of your pay cycle. If you are a shift or contract worker, you will be able to start withdrawing your wages after your first shift in your pay cycle.

How do you work out how much I earned each day?

Your wage information is provided to us by your employer. If you are a salaried employee, we simply divide your monthly salary by 20 days. This amount does not include bonuses, special incentives or commission If you are a shift or contract worker, the number of hours you have worked and your rate per hour is provided to us by your employer.

Why have my Available Funds changed to zero?

Your available funds reflecting $0 may be due to several reasons 1) Your employer's pay cycle has been reset for the new month 2) You have hit your withdrawal limit for the month 3) Your employer has indicated that you are no longer an employee of the company 4) There will be a 1-3 day cut off period before each pay day For any queries on this matter, feel free to contact us here

What if I have multiple GetPaid accounts?

If you have multiple employers that have partnerships with WageSage, they will be consolidated into one single account for your convenience. You are able to make seperate withdrawals under each employer.

What is the minimum amount I can withdraw at a time?

The minimum amount you can withdraw is $1.00

Working with Employers

How is GetPaid connected to my employer?

WageSage relies solely on the information provided to us by your employer to bring you this employee benefit service

What happens if I change jobs/ resign?

As WageSage's agreement is with your employer, you will be unable to use WageSage's services any longer. If you miss our services, feel free to refer your new employer to us here.

How do I know if my employer offers the use of GetPaid?

Your employer would have made know to all its employees that WageSage services is available to them. You can check with your HR department or email us here

What If my employer doesn't have a current partnership with GetPaid?

Let your employer know how much you love our services by sending them a referral !


How fast will I receive the wages I have withdrawn?

You should expect to receive your requested wages within 1 working day If there has been a delay in receiving your requested funds, feel free to drop us an email here and we will investigate!

How will I receive the wages I have withdrawn?

The wages that you have withdrawn will be sent directly to the bank account you have on file with your employer. You will be able to see and amend your banking details in your account

How do I change my banking details?

You can change your banking details in your Account Profile.

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